Another shooting incident in Amsterdam: house in southeastern part of the country shot at

An apartment in Amsterdam-Zuidoost was shot at around 03.30 hours last night. There are several bullet holes in the window. There were no casualties.

According to Het Parool, the mother of the Tuesday shoot-out rapper Danzel S. lives in the apartment. He is said to be a member of a rap group that the newspaper links to international drug trafficking

The police don’t want to say anything about the identity of the resident and are investigating if there is a connection between the two shootings. No one has been arrested yet.

The area around the apartment complex was temporarily cordoned off last night. Several bullet casings have been found on a path that runs along the complex.

The apartment in Southeast is probably shot from a path that runs along the complex.

The shelling of the house is the third shooting incident in Amsterdam in one week. On Tuesday, two shots were fired in the Vechtstraat in Amsterdam-Zuid. In the first, rapper Danzel S. was seriously injured. The second incident was, according to Het Parool, in the home of another rapper.

“This form of rap, drillrap, is about challenging groups from other neighborhoods or cities,” says Parool crime journalist Paul Vugts to the CCeit. “If you do that all the time in numbers or on social media, you’ll have to do something. Otherwise you lose credibility. Then you get this kind of action.”