Another Valheim milestone: six million sales

The usual Viking survivor in Valheim continues to amaze with its growing popularity. Just over two weeks ago, we talked about Valheims circulation reaching an impressive five million. And this figure is no longer impressive: developers announced six million sold copy.

Such result looks even more outstanding, given that Valheim came out less than two months ago, still is in early access, and is working on it a small studio Iron Gate, previously unremarkable itself unproven. Meanwhile, developers continue to work on game bugs and problems.

But at the same time they have already begun preparing the first major update of Valheim, which was called Hearth and Home. The studio prepares a lot of surprises, but yet does not say anything about them.

Buy Valheim can be for 435 rubles. The game receives extremely positive reviews: it is praised by 96% of players.

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