Another worrying update Van Iperen: They cant take him in the Netherlands

Defender Donny van Iperen has been in a coma since Saturday, but he cannot be admitted to a Dutch hospital. The 27-year-old stopper is not insured in his home country and therefore he is still in Moldova.
Van Iperen plays with Zimbru Chisinau from Moldova. Last Saturday, however, things went completely wrong: Van Iperen collided hard with the opponent‘s goalkeeper. โ€œDonny hasn’t given any sign of life since then,โ€ says brother Joey in conversation with Voetbal International. โ€œOnly very small signals of consciousness.โ€
After the accident, the Van Iperen family traveled directly to Moldova. They were supposed to go back to the Netherlands with Donny later, but that doesn‘t seem to work out now. โ€œMy brother could receive the best care in the Netherlands. That’s what they say here. But the problem is that he cannot go to the Netherlands. We run into bureaucratic barriers.โ€
Van Iperen is registered as a resident of Moldova, so he is not insured for healthcare costs in the Netherlands. The Dutch hospitals therefore do not want to take in Van Iperen. โ€œWe‘ve been working on this for days now,โ€ says Joey. โ€œArranging takes so much energy and time that we don’t even get to what we‘re actually here for, being with Joey. What we need is an entrance to have him admitted to the Netherlands as an uninsured person. We were supposed to get on a plane on Thursday, but then there’s no ambulance to take him to a hospital.โ€
The Dutch and international players union will meet on Wednesday to look for a solution for Van Iperen. In fact, the defender is now out of danger to life. โ€œHis heart is stable,โ€ says his brother. โ€œBut how much does that say about your further condition when you‘ve been in a coma for days and don’t respond to anything…โ€