Anthony Mackie will play the title role in Twisted Metal series

Anthony Maki (โ€œThe Falcon and the Winter Soldierโ€) will play the title role and serve as producer of the series based on Twisted Metal. Information about the show has been available before, and now new details have been announced. Maki will perform the part of John Doe, who doesnt remember his name and past.

He is bold and chatty, but when he is offered the chance of a better life, he gets into a dangerous race. He has to drive through post-apocalypse affected lands to deliver a mysterious package.

Together with a partner who has been stealing cars, they will face marauders and other problems. Among the latter will be a crazy clown who drives an ice cream truck.

The screenwriters of โ€œDeadpoolโ€ are responsible for the idea of the project, with Michael Jonathan Smith (โ€œCobra Kaiโ€) handling the story itself. Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions and PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst will serve as producers.

Where exactly the series will be released is unclear, but the authors are going to deal with it soon. The last Twisted Metal game was released back in 2012 on the PS3.

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