Antifa keeps home during inauguration Biden: headquarters Democrats attacked

While Joe Biden was inaugurated Wednesday as the new president of the United States, certainly hundreds of Antifa supporters went out to the streets in various places. The American flag was burned, officers attacked and intimidated, and the Democratic Party headquarters in the state of Oregon was attacked by extremists.

According to American media, the extreme left-wing organization is opposed to the arrival of the Democrat (78) and against the police. In Portland, it came to confrontations with police forces. Some 150 activists gathered at the Revolution Hall and hit the windows of the Democratic Party headquarters in Oregon. They also sprayed graffiti on the walls of the building. The police made several arrests for that.

Also in Seattle, windows were smashed. Among other things, a courthouse and a Starbucks branch had to pay for it.

The police were besieged by the extremists. A cop stole his bike. When the police tried to get it back, officers were trapped by an aggressive mob, reports Fox News. The cops used a smoke bomb to get away. Arrests were found to have tubes and long knives in their pocket.

‘Don’t for Biden

The Antifa supporters wore banners with lyrics like ‘We don‘t want to bid โ€” we want revenge! ‘ and โ€œPolice Murders.โ€ An action group moved to a detention center in repulsion against US migrant policy. In Sacramento, California, activists moved to the local Capitol, but there it remained relatively quiet.