Antonblast explosive platformer completes Kickstarter campaign

Summitsphere studio, known for the adventure arcade platformer Antonball Deluxe, is completing the Kickstarter campaign of its new project, Antonblast. This is an explosive dynamic retro platformer in pixel aesthetics inspired by Game Boy Advance, but rethought for modernity. To succeed, the developers needed to raise $75,000.

And this plan is almost 200% fulfilled: the campaign has more than $136 thousand in its account on the last day. Investors have ensured the fulfillment of several additional goals: the game will have new worlds for story campaign and heroes.

PlayStation and Xbox ports and two downloadable add-ons have not yet been unlocked. Players are waiting for a new encounter with Anton, the hero of Antonball.

Satan himself steals his treasured collection out of envy, and Anton becomes furious, rushing in pursuit of the scoundrel. To understand exactly how this happens, you can check out the free demo available at Itch.

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