Antonucci reveals: “After taking a shower, I always had rashes. Thats how it started”

Franco Antonucci, built by Feyenoord at FC Volendam, has made a special revelation. The 21-year-old Waal struggled with hives for some time: an allergic reaction that caused breathing problems and had a major impact on his physical condition.
Antonucci was rented last season by FC Volendam from AS Monaco and made so much impression that Feyenoord captured him. This season he plays again on a rental basis at De Dijk, but wants it a little less fast: only in the last weeks the playmaker is able to play several full matches in a row. At some point I had to recover after every action, I couldnt make the extra sprints at the training and then I sometimes slept for three hours in a row, he tells De Cceit.
The cause of this appeared to be an allergy: Antonucci was injured and took medicine, but his body reacted badly. After taking a shower, I had a rash every time. That
s how it started. I just got back from an injury and didnt want to be out of circulation again. But I got more and more tired.
However, the ailment seems to have come to light in time. Antonucci gets fitter every week, while he also has to play in the spotlight at Feyenoord: future trainer Arne Slot came to see the Other Orange. Against Helmond Sport went very well. Fortunately, things are getting better every week, says the Belgian, who hopes that this frustrating period will be over. That was difficult for me, because I really want to help Volendam to try to get a PhD and secondly, I want to show Feyenoord that I can be of value in the future.