Antony sets new goal after winning Olympic Games: “Hard for Work”

Antony is crazy after winning the Olympics with Brazil. Initially, Ajax did not allow him to travel to Japan. Now the club gets a winner back.
Antony is happy that Ajax has worked smoothly after all. I won‘t forget this gold medal win my whole life. I am very grateful to Ajax for taking part in the Olympics. I think I represented my club well and they should be proud. This medal is for them too, he says to De Cceit.
Antony is supposed to rejoin Ajax soon. I’
m flying back to Amsterdam this week to join the team. I earned a few days off to enjoy this achievement with the family.
Winning the Olympics can take off Antony‘s bucket list. Now the next goal awaits. Performing in the Champions League. I had the chance to play on that stage in my first season and at that very high level I hope to show more and more of myself. The World Cup is also on my priority list. It would be a dream to play for Brazil in Qatar. And I’m going to work hard for that.