ANWB: pressure on European roads due to recurring traffic

It is again busy on the road in Germany, Austria and Switzerland today, the ANWB reports. In France, too, its a bit busier than usual. Yet it is much less crowded than yesterday on European roads. Around 3 p.m., the biggest congestion and delays were over.

Multiple traffic jams were expected today in Germany in particular. With vacations over there, recurring traffic resulted in a lot of delays.

It was busy on the A8 in Germany near the Austrian border. Traffic was also trapped at the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland. Around 11:00 a.m., the south was two hours delayed, three quarters to the north.

Black saturday light

โ€œIts a black Saturday light, but really light,โ€ a spokesperson said this morning. โ€œWe expect a lot of recurring holiday traffic on the A3 in Germany during the day. In many parts of Germany and Scandinavia, summer holidays are over.โ€

Because Italy is a popular holiday destination for many Europeans, roads from the south to the north became very crowded. Germany involved the Nuremberg-Wรผrzburg and Hamburg-Flensburg routes. It also got crowded around Munich.

An unexpected traffic jam was there from Slovenia to Austria, near the Karawanken Tunnel. Travelers had an hour and a half extra travel time there, says the ANWB: โ€œApparently there are a lot of people from Croatia on their way to Europe.โ€

Second black Saturday busier than first

In France, there was pressure on the A7 between Lyon and Marseille and the delay at Valence drove to an hour. โ€œIn the morning, this is about departing holiday traffic, in the course of the afternoon the motorists will join those who go on vacation.โ€

Circumstances like yesterday, when on the roads to the south slowed down to six oclock, did not arose. But next Saturday, the delay is increasing again, the spokesperson says.

โ€œAgain, many people who travel back home go on the road. It could get even busier than yesterday. In the past, the second black Saturday has often been more busy than the first one.โ€