Anxious moments for Excelsior coach in The Hague: ‘Suddenly ADO fan in my seat’

Excelsior trainer Marinus Dijkhuizen was obviously a happy man after the end of the game with ADO Den Haag. However, the training master also experienced anxious moments in the Cars Jeans Stadium.
Excelsior won in a club duel after ADO penalties, making it play in the Premier League next season. ESPN visited Dijkhuizen just after the game in the locker room, where the party had already started. โ€œI don‘t know what happened. You’re not going to ask for analysis, are you?โ€ , the coach asks laughing.
โ€œI think we deserve it, we are a worthy club. This is really nice,โ€ Dijkhuizen continues. โ€œIt‘s easier to stay in the Premier League next season than to get promoted from the Kitchen Champion Division, I think. That’s why I‘m so happy for this club and this team.โ€
The game between ADO and Excelsior was also marred by disturbances. Dijkhuizen honestly admits that he felt unsafe during the match. โ€œIn the first half of the extension, a supporter of ADO was suddenly sitting in my seat,โ€ he says by โ€œAnd he didn’
t want to leave. He looked at me, it just frightened me.โ€