Anya Taylor-Joy doesnt rule out appearing second season of Hod of the Queen

Anya Taylor-Joy said she would not rule out a future appearance of the second season of Netflix‘s โ€œHod of the Queen. โ€ According to the actress, the creators did not conduct discussions of the continuation, because they did not assume that the audience would be so actively demanding it. But reviews about the project were so positive, and the views were successful, that such an opportunity is not excluded.

Joy noted that Hollywood โ€œnever says never,โ€ and from her perspective it would be interesting to look at the further development of the heroine. Especially in the role of mother – after she managed to give up alcohol addiction and fight her own demons.

However, even if the sequel sees the light, it will not happen too soon – in the near future the actress’s schedule is quite busy. There, in particular, includes the prequel about Furios from โ€œMad Maxโ€.

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