Apartment block collapsed in Miami, boy rescued from rubble

The partly collapse of an inhabited apartment building north of Miami caused one dead and nine injured. About fifty people went missing the next morning. More than thirty others have been pulled under the rubble alive. The mayor of the affected Surfside congregation, Charles Burkett, told local media on Thursday morning he does not expect any survivors to be found.

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Hundreds of fire brigade and police officers from the wide perimeter of the U.S. coastal town have been ripped out to search the debris in Surfside. There are also scavenger dogs in use. On the other side of the building, the fire brigade saved residents from balconies with ladders.

The missing people are residents of the building. It‘s not clear if they were home. Some apartments are from people who live there alone in winter.

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The twelve-story building has half collapsed on the sea side like a house of cards. It is still unknown how many people there were in the building with more than 130 apartments. These were large, rather expensive apartments where there are also some for sale. The building dates back to 1981, and how it could collapse is still unclear. For Mayor Burkett, it’s another complete mystery: โ€œI can‘t describe it, it’s like a bomb hit, as if it were a building like the Third World suddenly collapse, it has become flat like a pancake, no 30 inches of debris left from each floor. โ€

Boy Saved

Photos show how bystanders fly each other in arms. Also, the first video that CBS Miami could capture shows how a boy is rescued from the rubble, on a firefighter‘s shoulder.

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A Twitter artist living in an apartment building next to it shares photos of the auxiliary forces and says they are deeply shocked. โ€œThis is a call for everyone to unite and pray for these brothers and sisters of ours and their families and friends.โ€

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people were rescued from a part of the building that did not collapse right after the disaster. Video shows that the fire brigade with elevators is at work. A resident of an adjacent flat shares on Facebook how she was evacuated. โ€œWe’re going to need a lot of prayers.โ€

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