Apex Legends authors spoke about Ciars abilities

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment studio continue to talk about the upcoming season of โ€œRebirth,โ€ which kicks off at Apex Legends on August 3. And the new trailer is dedicated to the details of playing Ciara, a new legend. Obi Edolashima, that‘s what Ciara’s name is, was considered a cursed and pariah as a child, but thanks to the family‘s support, his talent revealed himself by doing by his artist and legend.

Siar controls microdrons, with whose help notices that others are under control. For example, while aiming Siar senses the heartbeat of enemies up to 75 metres.

And its microdrons are able to create an explosive wave or sphere that detects and blocks opponents. Siar is the eighteenth hero added to the game.

So the number of legends in Apex Legends has doubled in two years. More on EA Gaming Show FIFA 22 Journalist’s โ€œOfferโ€ Gameplay Rise CD Projekt ActiBlizzWalkOut ActiblizzWalkOut promotions held at World of Warcraft and Irvine.