Apex Legends authors spoke about Valkyries abilities

Developers from Respawn Entertainment studio presented a new trailer for the battle royal Apex Legends, in which they talked about the abilities of a new character โ€” Kairi โ€œValkyrieโ€ Imahara. VTOL Jets passive ability. Uses jetpack for flight.

Fuel is limited, but recovers over time. Missile Swarms tactical ability.

Shoots a swarm of mini-missiles that deal damage and disorient rivals. Skyward Dives ultimative ability.

It takes off high into the air and skydive. Allies can join the flight.

Valkyrie will appear in the game as early as May 4 along with the start of the Legacy season. In addition to the new character players are also waiting for the โ€œArenaโ€ mode (3 on 3 battles and five cards, two of which will be absolutely new), a new bow and extensive balance changes.

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