Apex Legends authors talk about new character in stylish video

Apex Legends presented a short story about the new character Ciar, who will appear in the game on August 3. According to legend, the firstborn of a woman with a tagged moth will be cursed, although she will ascend herself. But the child‘s eyes will โ€œlead everyone to the flameโ€ โ€” so everyone is advised to avoid the hero’s terrible sight that can kill and bring other calames.

The creators worked on the video episodes Zima Blue and โ€œIceโ€ from Netflix‘s animated anthology โ€œLove, Death and Robots,โ€ whose style is being guessed in the new video as well. Apex Legends is about to kick off a tenth season called โ€œRebirth,โ€ which is due to talk about at the EA Play event on July 22.

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Ode to movement.