Apex Legends will take away the famous tap-straiff โ€” change of direction in the jump

Respawn reported that the 10. 1 update will take away from Apex Legends one of the battle system‘s distinctive chips โ€” a tap-straff that allows you to change the jump trajectory. on the gamepad, but there are no such problems with the mouse.

Because of this, the developers found gamers who preferred the controller to be in an unequal position with keyboard and mouse owners, so removed Tap-Streiff. Using a tap strafe to 1v3 the last team.

Big thank you to @DERlDIUM for teaching me how to do this! @DiamondGosu) June 16, 2021So Looks Tap-Streifgamers took such a decision negatively, slamming the creators for โ€œserving outโ€ ; before gamepad holders.

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