Apologies Congressman after Holocaust Comparison with Corona Measures

U.S. Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene apologized for a comparison she recently made between wearing face masks and the Holocaust. โ€œIts not a comparison and never will be there,โ€ she said after visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

The Republican delegate from Georgia pulled the equation into a podcast three weeks ago. Measures taken by the Democrats in the House, according to her, were similar to โ€œa time and history when people were forced to wear a yellow starโ€. Those people were โ€œtucked in trains and transported to gas chambers in Nazi Germanyโ€. โ€œThis is exactly the type of abuse Nancy Pelosi (Democratic President of the House) talks about.โ€

Greenes statements fell badly with both Democrats and Republicans. โ€œI made a mistake and its been bothering me for a few weeks now,โ€ she spoke after her museum visit.

โ€œThere are words I have said and comments that I know are offensive, and I would like to apologize to that,โ€ the Congressman said:

Greene is known for her radical ideas and adhering to conspiracy theories. Earlier this year she was expelled from two parliamentary committees. She gave birth in the past with anti-Semitic statements that California forest fires were lit by slander rays from space with help of wealthy Jews who wanted to make money from it.

Deadly school shootings were staged, according to her, and she suggested on social media that she did see something to execute a number of Democratic leaders in Congress.