Apple Achieved Suspension of Court Decision in Case Against Epic Games

Today it became known that the Court of Appeal suspended the execution of the decision in the case of Apple vs. Epic Games โ€” it is a question of lifting the ban on adding alternative payment systems in App Store. Recall that back in September, companies banned restricting developers if they want to include external links and other purchase mechanisms outside their apps and metadata Apple store.

The company appealed, noting that alternative payment systems and external services may threaten the safety of consumers. The Court of Appeal ruling states that Apple‘s statement โ€œraised serious questions about the District Court’s decision.

โ€ The case is now awaiting a new trial. More at Gaming Addiction Conan Exiles hosts the โ€œLife and Death Affairโ€ event – by January 10, the Russian roguel Loop Hero sold more than 1 million copies on Steam Halo Infinite story campaign release.