Apple and Google put pressure on Twitter alternative Parler

Apple and Google are pressuring the Twitter alternative Parler to prevent sedition and hatred on the social media. Google has already removed the app from its Play Store, and Apple is threatening to do the same.

Parler was founded in 2018 with the aim of providing total freedom of expression. โ€œWe respect privacy and personal data, freedom of expression and the free market,โ€ it was called.

The app is especially popular among right-wing users who, according to Twitter, cross the boundaries of the right. Several prominent conservatives are members of the platform, including Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, White House spokesman Kelly McEnany and Enrique Turio, leader of the far-right organization Proud Boys.


After the storming of the US Congress, the major tech companies were pressured to curb radical freedom on Parler. The plans for the storming were partly forged on the platform and politicians were threatened with death.

Google now concludes that the app violates the terms of use and should not return until measures have been taken to curb inflammatory language. Apple gives the app 24 hours to moderate, otherwise the app will also disappear from the App Store.