Apple appeals Epic Games case

Apple appeals a judge ruling that ruled that the company should give more opportunities to developers when purchasing outside the App Store. That new rule should go into December. Apple has asked the judge to postpone that rule until the appeal case has served.

Apple and game developer Epic Games have been involved in a legal battle because the creator of the popular game Fortnite had developed its own in-app payment system, against Apples rules. The tech giant doesnt want app developers to use their own payment system and bypass paying commissions to Apple.

On that, Apple removed the game from the software store. Epic then accused Apple of monopolistic conduct and asked the judge to make a verdict.

The judge leveled Apple by far the most points last month and the company even spoke of a โ€œsounding victoryโ€. Among other things, the judge ruled that Apple was not guilty of monopolistic conduct.

Yet Apple sees reasons to appeal. Earlier, Epic also appealed, the companys top executive announced that he was dissatisfied with it immediately after the ruling.