Apple first tech company worth $2,000,000,000

As the first listed tech company, Apple is worth more than $2 trillion. In 2018, the company was the first to pass the $1 trillion mark. Whereas it took the company 38 years to reach that milestone, it took just over 2 years to reach the next trillion in market capitalization.

“Unprecedented. The clever thing is that twenty years ago this company was in a virtually bankrupt position. And after the death of Steve Jobs, the question was whether the company would have a future without him”, says Jim Tehupuring of 1 asset management. “The contrary has now been proven.”

To give an idea of the size of 2 trillion dollars, some comparisons. The Dutch group with the highest market capitalization is ASML, with a market capitalization of almost $160 billion. That’s 12.5 times less than Apple. All funds in the Dutch AEX index added together have less than half the value of Apple.

2 trillion dollars is almost as much as the Italian economy and more than twice the size of the Dutch economy.

The market capitalization is a paper value and indicates above all how much confidence investors have in the company. Sales of iPhones, smartwatches and earplugs continue to grow despite the corona crisis. In the last quarter, 50 billion dollars worth of electronics and online services were sold, more than 10 percent more than twelve months previously

But according to Tehupuring, things are going very fast with the value of Apple. “If you compare the turnover and profit of today with two years ago, that ratio has increased slightly. But certainly not to the extent that the stock market value has doubled in two years.”

“Investors think: “Where can I go with my money, what’s a safe haven? Then they end up at Apple,” says Corné van Zeijl of asset manager Actiam. “If you buy an iPhone, you pay the main price. And at the same time Apple asks appmakers for 30 percent of their turnover. All they have to do is open up their app store.”

The analysts dare not say whether the growth machine continues to thrive. “Right now I’m saying: you have to have it,” says Tehupuring. “But we’ve said the same thing about Nokia before.”


“If there’s a monopoly position somewhere, it’s here,” says analyst Van Zeijl. “That’s also clear from the dispute they have with Epic, the creator of the game Fortnite. Because of the conflict, the game is no longer downloadable on iPhones. If Apple doesn’t want you, you’re just out.”


Apple was the first U.S. company with a stock market value of $1 trillion, but since then other tech companies have followed. Amazon (1.7 trillion), Microsoft (1.6 trillion) and Alphabet, Google’s parent company, (1 trillion) are also in the group of companies with an extremely high market capitalization.

Other than that, Apple was not the very first company with a stock market value of 2 trillion. Oil company Saudi Aramco from Saudi Arabia was listed last year and was worth just over 2 trillion dollars. After that the oil price plummeted and so did the value of the company.