Apple puts blood oxygen sensor in new Apple Watch

Apple has equipped its new smartwatch with a blood oxygen meter. This allows watch wearers to keep an eye on the oxygen level in their blood.

The sensor works with ordinary and infrared light that is reflected by oxygen-rich red blood cells. Users of the Apple Watch with the new sensor can also participate in a number of scientific studies into diseases such as asthma and Covid-19.

The new Apple Watch will also have a brighter screen and altimeter and will be available in more colours. Apple also introduced new bracelets for the watches. In addition, the company has also introduced a cheaper Apple Watch SE, which is between the previous version of the smartwatch and the still available Series 3 from 2017.

Fitness service

Apple also renewed the iPad and iPad Air with, among other things, faster chips and the company came up with a new fitness service. A subscription to this service is also available in a new subscription bundle that will be called Apple One. Customers will receive Apples music, games and video streaming services and additional cloud storage for a single fixed monthly fee.

Normally Apple will also announce its new iPhones in September, but this is not expected this year. The corona crisis has slowed down the development and production of the new devices. Apple would possibly hold a separate event for the iPhone next month.