Apple revealed four new iPhone 12

Apple unveiled four new iPhones โ€” 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Dimensions, prices and output of iPhone mini 12 (5. 4 inches) โ€” November 13 for 69,999 rubles (64 GB) iPhone 12 (6.

1 inches) — 23 October for 79,999 rubles (64 GB) iPhone 12 Pro (6. 1 in) โ€” 23 October for 99,999 rubles (128 GB) iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.

7 in) โ€” 13 November for 109,999 rubles (128 GB) . Externally phones resemble โ€œhardโ€ iPhones with an aluminum frame and two panes on the front and back.

According to Apple, this allowed for an 11% reduction in the thickness of the case and a 16% discount on the weight of the phone. Naturally, thoroughly tightened up and stuff.

In all iPhones there was support for 5G networks with speeds up to 4 Gb/s and with theoretical maximum up to 10 Gb/s. In the United States, Verizon will be the first operator with 5G support, and before the end of the year it intends to deploy the network in 60 cities of the country.

The basic iPhone 12 received the new Super Retina XDR display is an OLED with pixel density is twice as high as the iPhone 11 and 2532×1170 resolution. Screen brightness can reach 1200 nits, allowing you to implement a full-fledged HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HLG.

To protect the screen Apple will use the new Ceramic Shield glass, which in 4 times stronger than those that stood in the iPhone 11. Running the phone will be on the new A14 Bionic 5nm processor with 11.

8bn transistors, almost 40% more than the A13 had. The stone is based on a 6-core processor unit (2+4 diagram) and a 4-core graphics module.

Apple also added 16 cores to work with AI functions. The main cameras in the iPhone 12 still have two pieces.

The first is a 12-MP wide format with a focal length of 13 mm and a viewing angle of 120 degrees. The second is standard, with a focal length of 22 mm and the same 12 MP.

Naturally, new purely digital capabilities will be added to the cameras. So, Apple promises to improve performance in low light and control light.

And it concerns all cameras, including the front. Another innovation – cameras will support HDR video in Dolby Vision.

Very unexpected for new iPhones introduced charging MagSafe. Essentially, it is a magnetic pad on the back of the case, to which you can hook charges on the type of those used with the Apple Watch.

Work this story will be the same with cases and various accessories like CardHolders. As for the older Pro-series, externally it looks like iPhone 12.

Differences lie in the filling and materials. So, instead of aluminum for the frame, surgical steel is used.

Compared to the last generation, Pro has grown the screen โ€” from 5. 8 to 6.

1 inches. And Max is from 6.

5 to 6. 7 inches.

At this resolution Super Retina XDR made 2778ั…1284 with brightness in 1200 nits. As before, the Pro will have one camera more than in the regular version.

To the set will be added โ€œTVโ€ at 52 mm resolution of 12 MP and quadruple magnification. Naturally, all cameras will be connected to the Deep Fusion.

Interestingly, the Pro Max version has a focal lengthโ€œTVโ€ is larger โ€” 65 mm, which will give a 5-fold increase. Plus, the cameras will get the LiDAR function, with which they will measure the distance according to the speed of light reflection from objects.

In this way, Apple will not only increase the speed of focus, but also try to enter the river with augmented reality once more. More on CCeit Apple introduced a smart HomePod Mini column to All players of The Elder Scrolls Online temporarily issued an ESO Plus subscription Anya Taylor-Joy will play young Furios in the prequelโ€Mad Maxโ€.