Apple shuts door for Fortnite maker Epic Games

The manufacturer of the computer game Fortnite is no longer allowed to create apps for Apple devices such as the iPhone. The measure is a new step by Apple in the conflict with game producer Epic Games.

The free game Fortnite was until recently offered in Apple’s appstore, as well as the coins used in the game that do have to be paid for. Epic did not agree that Apple charged 30 percent commission on the sales price and therefore decided to arrange payments outside Apple.

Apple did not accept and removed Fortnite from its appstore. Epic went to court earlier this week and ruled in a preliminary decision that Apple does not need to re-introduce Fortnite into its appstore

Apple now goes a step further by depriving Epic of the ability to offer new games in the appstore. Epic has a similar conflict with Google. Google has also removed Fortnite from its appstore.