Apple unhappy with Microsofts testimony at trial and trying to find them incorrect

Apple appeared unfazed by the testimony of a Microsoft representative at Apple‘s lawsuit against Epic Games. Now the corporation is trying to invalidate the testimony for lack of evidence. Xbox Vice President of Business Development Laurie Wright spoke in the courtroom about many aspects of the gaming business, noting that the commission of 30% on consoles in general and Xbox in particular is simply necessary – systems sell at a loss, and so their manufacturers earn.

Thus, players get a convenient console for an attractive price, and Microsoft (Sony and Nintendo) earn from sales of content on it. In addition, Wright talked about the difference between consoles and iPhones.

The first are created for a specific purpose, that is, games, so they must be kept in the most closed environment, whereas the iPhone can be used for many purposes – it is created forโ€ common use, not specialized. โ€ Apple is unhappy that Microsoft did not provide enough documents to confirm Wright’s talking points โ€” the corporation asks the judge not to admit the testimony to be valid because ; the witness is not credible.

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