Apple vs. Epic Games โ€” PlayStation crossplay and skins for Fortnite

A couple of hours ago, Apples court hearing against Epic Games began, followed by a lot of interesting details from the documents disclosed for the process. As the meeting is still ongoing, we will gradually complement the material. Dead Island 2 and it looks like the next Saints Row will become Epic Games Store exclusives โ€” first on PC, they will only be available through EGS and then reach Steam and other platforms.

In 2018, Epic Games was actively in talks with Sony for a crossplay appearance in Fortnite. Developers offered many options, and the announcement offered to furnish so that โ€œSony looks like real heroes in the eyes of playersโ€.

Among the options were monthly bonuses for PS Plus, favorable terms for renewing the Unreal Engine license, exclusive to the launch of PlayStation VR 2, branding the presence of Epic Games at E3 with PlayStation and the like. In addition, as it turned out, Sony is entering into special contracts with publishers of major games to include crossplay – if after that the revenues from the PlayStation fall by 85%, then the publisher will have to reimburse the losses.

During his testimony, Epic Games chief Tim Sweeney confirmed that Sony is the only console manufacturer with such a rule โ€” Microsoft and Nintendo have no such orders. โ€œUnder certain circumstances, Epic must pay Sony extra.

If someone previously played mostly on PlayStation and then bought an iPhone โ€” this may cause compensation. โ€ About 7% of Epic Games Store users first activated free game and then purchased at least one paid one.

According to mid-2020, the store has only 3. 5 million active customers.

Along with this, there was a table indicating the price for free handouts – most of all the company paid for the Batman trilogy: Arkham ($1. 5 million), Subnautica ($1.

4 million) and Mutant Year Zero ($1 million) . Epic Games spent $115 million on Borderlands 3 exclusivity for EGS.

In the first month, the RS-version of the shooter earned about $100 million โ€” 77% of it went to EGS, with the remaining 27% on retail and keys. In the first couple of weeks in Borderlands 3 on PC played 1.

5 million people – more than half of them appeared in the service for the sake of a shooter. Epic Games and Psyonix planned to transfer to smartphones a full-fledged Rocket League, launching testing in the middle of this year, while spin-off Sideswipe wanted to release last summer.

Apparently, because of the pandemic, the plans seriously went. In addition, the game was going to scale upgrade to version โ€œ2.

0 (or Rocket League Next). It will be available everywhere, including native customers for PS5, Xbox Series, iOS and Android.

Fortnite planned (or still plan) to add skins Dwain Johnson, Naruto, John McClain (โ€œStrong Nutโ€), Snake Plissken (โ€œEscape from New Yorkโ€ ;), Katniss Everdeen (โ€œThe Hunger Gamesโ€) and Beatrix Kiddo (โ€œKillBillโ€) . Material is updated.