Appmakers, including Spotify and Epic, compete with Apple

Thirteen parties, including music service Spotify, game developer Epic and news media representatives, join Apple in battle. They accuse the company of unfair competition through the App Store, in which they are represented with their apps.

They have united in a Coalition for App Fairness, a new organization, created to โ€œadvocate freedom of choice and fair competition between app ecosystemsโ€, as can be read on the site.

Ten points

Ten points have been drawn up which should be improved. For example, it is a question of not forcing a developer to use the download stores payment system to be active, as is the case with Apple.

Another point is that a developers sales data should not be used to compete with it. The group also believes that a download store should not prevent a developer from offering their own App Store, in the form of an app.

The coalition โ€œbecomes the voice of app and game developers to protect consumer choice and create a fair playing field,โ€ says Spotifys Head of Legal Affairs Horacio Gutierrez. โ€œDevelopers basic freedoms are under attack,โ€ says Epic Games top man Tim Sweeney. โ€œWe are participating to protect the fundamental rights of developers.โ€

Apple was not immediately available for a comment. However, the company has launched a new page which highlights, among other things, that 155 billion dollars have been paid to developers since the launch of the App Store.

Less attractive

The opposition to Apple is not new. Last year, Spotify filed a complaint against the iPhone maker to the European Commission. That led to an investigation this year. This summer, Epic, the creator of the popular Fortnite game, and Apple, created a legal battle.

Both players, who also play a leading role in the creation of the new coalition, are among other things the commission that Apple charges for payments a thorn in the eye.

For example, for Spotify, Apple also offers its own music service and therefore does not have to pay commission for it. If Spotify wants to earn just as much from his music service, it has to raise the price, making the offer less attractive. Epic decided in his popular game Fortnite to bypass Apples payment system, after which Apple removed the app. The same thing happened in the download store of Android.

Dutch media

Not only well-known appmakers participate in the initiative, but also a large number of publishers. Among other things, they are united in the European Publishers Council. It also represents DPG Media and the Mediahuis, the two major Belgian publishers that together publish almost all Dutch newspapers.