‘Appreciation for Asscher’

Although I will never vote on the PvdA, as far as I am concerned, they are too shameless with their ideas, I can only pay a great appreciation and great respect for Mr Asscher, says A.C.M. Fraanje.

At least he sets a good example of the settlement of the payment affair. He rightly draws up his lead position and is no longer available for the elections. It was not my political friend and will never be, but he does show understanding and courage. Chapeau. I never thought I could say that about a Pvda politician, but with this one. Incidentally in shrill contrast to Mr. Rutte! He gets rid of it again with a slimy remark: โ€œI had no direct connection to the fileโ€ and is simply running as a list leader. Mr Rutte, a reminder, as Prime Minister, you are responsible for everything that happens and has happened under your rule. Just as a military commander is responsible for the actions of his subordinates! Iadept!

A.C.M. Fraanje, colonel b.d., Sint-Willebrord