Approaching ban on transport should prevent German and Belgian fireworks

In addition to selling and parting off, the transport of fireworks is also prohibited this year. That‘s what Minister Grapperhaus said last night after the Security Council. This allows the police to confiscate the fireworks that the Dutch buy abroad.

Now it is true that you can hold up to 25 kilos of legal fireworks throughout the year in a place that is not accessible to the public. So you can just store it in your barn and transport it in the trunk of your car.

As soon as the new rules enter into force, people carrying fireworks are in violation, whether they do so on foot or by car. As soon as you cross the border with your fireworks purchased in Belgium, for example, the police may confiscate it.

Fireworks Decree

Because of the coronacrisis, the cabinet wants no fireworks to be sold and fired in the Netherlands this year. In order to make this possible before the turn of the year, the legislation must be adapted through an urgent procedure to be approved by the European Commission. The Cabinet wants this to be settled by 15 December in a new fireworks decree.

Until then, Dutch can still buy up to 25 kilos legally fireworks abroad.

December 1: Ban fire fireworks

A number of mayors have spoken out last week to ban the possession of fireworks as well. โ€œIf someone is caught red-handed at the sign off, enforcers can take the fireworks, but if someone has it alone can’t do that,โ€ said Mayor Jorritsma of Eindhoven.

But according to Minister Grapperhaus, banning the possession of fireworks is legally complicated. He calls it โ€œjust a bridge too farโ€. However, he points out that the ban on transport is in fact already a ban on possession.

The National Coordinator of the New Year of the National Police, Ruud Verkuijlen also points out that part of the problem has already been solved from 1 December.

At the

beginning of this year, the cabinet announced a ban on fire fireworks and flares. This ban is independent of the coronacrisis but was introduced because this type of fireworks often causes injury and is used in incidents against police and other emergency workers. This ban has already been regulated by law and will take effect on 1 December.

Because this so-called F3 fireworks from that date also falls under the name of illegal fireworks, you can no longer have firecrackers, flares and single-shot tubes in your possession. The police will therefore be able to confiscate this from next week, on the streets and at border controls.

15 December: Prohibition of ornamental movement

With the start of the ban on fire fireworks you can only put off ornamental fireworks in the Netherlands. These are, for example, fountains, ornamental pots and ground flowers, the so-called F2 fireworks. But because of the coronacrisis, this fireworks is also banned this new year.

Once the fireworks decree has been amended, i.e. 15 December according to the Cabinet, the ornamental fireworks can also be seized during checks.


These rules are enforced by municipal boas and police officers. Boas can only fine someone they catch red-handed firing fireworks.

The police are allowed to search boxes, bags and trunks for fireworks if they suspect that someone is in possession of illegal fireworks. But cops are not allowed to pre-search for the presence of fireworks.

For those who still have ornamental fire at home: that can still be up to 25 kilos. But it will not be allowed to be chipped until next year around the turn of the year.