Archaeologists dig up large pharaoh city near Luxor

Archaeologists have made a special discovery in Egypt. Near Luxor, the historians exposed a complete city with three palaces and a government center dating from the time of the pharaohs. The city of Central Egypt was built approximately 3400 years ago, not far from the famous Valley of the Kings. The buildings were unseen under the sand for centuries.

The excavations began in September with a search for a temple of death near Luxor. After a few weeks, archaeologists came across brick structures with almost complete walls and chambers, says Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass. Some of the walls were almost three meters high.

‘Pompei-likeโ€ city’

The excavations turned out to be in very good condition. In the rooms, historians found daily utensils such as pots, but also there were (parts of) statues, rings and scarabs. Furthermore, the archaeologists found ovens with which glass and pottery were produced. Because the pharaoh city was discovered in September last year, a large part has not yet been excavated.

The American Egyptian expert Peter Lacovara speaks to press agency Reuters of a โ€œPompei-likeโ€ city, referring to the Roman archaeological site in Italy. He calls the find a โ€œvery important discoveryโ€, which gives insight into how life went about during the reign of the mighty Pharaoh Amenhotep III.