Are we going to see this in the Netherlands?

The odds are not very big, but it might be that next week we are going to see some special weather phenomena. Weatherman Raymond Klaassen thinks it might be between -15 and -20 degrees.

Polar snow arises when moist air freezes, without clouds. The ice nails and plates that produce this can give special effects in the sunlight, such as halos around the sun.

The weatherman also hopes for pillars of light, โ€œbut then it must get very, very cold.โ€ You‘ll see beautiful streaks of light in the sky. They look like you’re in some kind of science fiction movie.

And if it really freezes over 20 degrees, you can also try the ‘dubak-challenge’. In doing so, throw hot water into the cold air, so that it immediately freezes. In Russia, this is currently a trend.

Then of course you have to be very careful that you do not get the hot water over you.