Argentinian bought Google for $4 and broke it

The other day, on April 21, in Argentina there was an unprecedented event: the local version of Google search engine stopped working throughout the country. And about the reasons of the incident was told by the culprit himself: not an outstanding resident of the country named Nicholas Kurona. According to him, he went to the website of domain trade Nic.

ar and noticed that the local branch Google has not had time to extend the expired domain google. com.

ar. Nicholas immediately bought it for about $4.

In his actions he does not see any violation of the law. This is what Kuron saw on the page of the store: the domain is free, it is offered to buy thanks to the prompt actions of Google access to the Argentine the search engine page managed to return minutes after posting Kuronas tweet.

How exactly it was possible to come to an agreement is not reported. Soon after the incident, the analytical group Open Data Cรณrdoba noticed that the period of registration of the domain of the Argentine branch of Google should have expire only in July.

So probably what happened was the result of the Nic. ar error.

However, there were no comments from Google and Nic. ar.

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