Arguing for compulsory vegetarian school meal

Plans to serve only meals without meat in schools in Lyon cause heated debates between French politicians. According to Mayor Gregory Doucet (Greens), it has been chosen for health reasons, but the intention has been missingled out by some ministers.

โ€œ Let‘s stop creating ideology on the signs of our children,โ€ tweeted agriculture minister Julien Denormandie. Children need to be given food they need to grow, and that’s what he says.

Minister of the Interior Gรฉrald Darmanin does not see any bread in it either. He served the plans on Twitter as โ€œscandalous ideologyโ€. Darmanin considers the โ€œmoralistic and elitistโ€ policy of the Greens to be an โ€œunacceptable insultโ€ to farmers and butchers. The issue is now on the board of the regional authorities, commissioned by the Minister of Agriculture.

The city of Lyon, with more than half a million inhabitants, came up with the (temporary) plans due to the coronapandemic. Meals contain fish and eggs. Educational Mayor Stรฉphanie Leger states that a meatless meal is the best option not to exclude children. She also said that it was a temporary measure which had already been in force for a few months last year.