Arjen Robben continues: You havent got rid of me yet

Arjen Robben does not think to stop playing football now that his return was so disappointing.

The 36-year-old attacker of FC Groningen had to go to the side with groin problems within half an hour on Sunday. Robben left the field disappointed, stepped home in his car during the match and the media was unable to speak. On Monday, he let the Volkskrant know that he would continue. “Giving up is not in my dictionary”, he says.

Robben will have a scan made on Tuesday to see exactly how serious the injury is. The ex-international had done everything possible to be fit again after having stopped for a year. After a seemingly innocent action he was injured. Robben immediately realised that he was not well.

“This was the worst-case scenario I hadn’t taken into account for a moment,” Robben continued. “It is now important not to languish in a corner, but to laugh with some self-mockery and to continue with a positive feeling. You haven’t got rid of me yet.”