ARK: Survival Evolved, Going Medieval, Mass Effect, No Mans Sky โ€” on the fresh Steam chart

Last weeks leading Biomutant dropped out of the top 10 on the Steam chart, where games are ordered by revenue for the week. Its place was taken by the simulator of the medieval settlement Going Medieval, which came into early access on the first day of the year. Another novelty of this week is Necromunda: Hired Gun, also released on June 1 โ€” is located only in 4 places.

The game turned out to be ambiguous, and the review of โ€œIgromaniaโ€ can be read in this note. In addition, the other day ARK: Survival Evolved received the second part of the addition Genesis – a season pass is located on the second spot of the chart, and the game itself is in the fifth position.

Also this week, Days Gone came out of the top, and the legendary edition of the Mass Effect trilogy is now in eighth place, overtaking Battlefield V and No Mans Sky. Thank you to the fresh major update that markedly improved the graphic.

Charts from May 31 to June 6 Going Medieval (novelty) ARK: Genesis Season Pass Sea of Thieves Necromunda: Hired Gun (novelty) ARK: Survival Evolved Valve Index VR Kit Grand Theft Auto V Mass Effect Legendary Edition Battlefield V No Mans Sky. Charts 24 to 30 MayMore on Gambling Duck Gameplay Cyberpunk 2077 from 2013 Designer accused Capcom of stealing its pics for games series Resident Evil and Devil May Cry Immediately several insiders hint at Dead Space return.