Arkane tried to explain the concept of Deathloop

Arkane followed the stylish trailer Deathloop released a 3-minute video, where he tried to explain the concept of an unusual shooter with a time loop. Some of the additional information was told on IGN Fanfest. In fact, the studio makes a rooglite where players in one day will kill 8 targets (visionaries) – they live on the island in different areas and can move between them.

At the same time, when the player performs some task or goes to another area, the time is rewound. To break the loop, the protagonist has to destroy all eight targets before midnight – if at least one of the enemies remains alive, then at midnight the cycle will restart.

The day begins in the morning, after which the day, evening and night gradually comes. An example of how during the day targets can move around the island The hero will be not only ordinary opponents and visionaries, but also Julianne – a murderer whose set of skills similar to Colt‘s protagonist abilities.

She also knows how to disguise herself as an NPC, and she can be controlled not only by artificial intelligence, but also by another player. Multiplayer can be turned off at any time.

The open world resembles HITMAN locations, when simply exploring the levels you can learn a lot of important information about their goals, which will come in handy when they are destroyed. With the change of day and season, the narrative filling of the districts changes.

The set of abilities, by the way, is similar to Dishonored – the developers decided to return some of the skills so that fans of previous games of the studio had a feeling of awareness. And in general, such abilities are great for novelty.

After restarting the loop, the protagonist does not lose everything – he still has the current set of weapons and skills. The latter can be earned for killing visionaries.

Deathloop is released May 21 on PS5 and PC. More on Gambling Media: Warner Bros.

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