“Arkanes best game”: Deathloop reviews praise the game by almost everyone

The online reviews of Arkane‘s new game, Deathloop, were almost enthusiastic on average. Now the time loop shooter has a score of 88 out of 100 on OpenCritic based on 49 reviews, and 96% of reviewers recommended the project. Metacritic has a similar score of 90 on 51 critics’ texts.

Most of the reviews mention the excellent game design and improvements that the authors implemented after criticizing certain elements of Dishonored. The author of Destructoid mentioned that the game combines classic stealth moments from the studio‘s past projects with an interesting new concept.

In addition, some authors praise the world, characters, battles, and successful use of the time loop. As for example in Kanobu .

In Deathloop, many elements [diaries, audiologists, freedom of movement, and character skills] are revealed in new ways — largely thanks to the mechanics with A time loop that makes all characters in the game experience the same day. According to GameSpot, the game asks the user an interesting central question — because it lets you kill enemies without special repercussions: If nothing matters, what makes your actions meaningful? GameSpotThe answer is simple: players kill to break that very time loop, and the hero is constantly growing and confident that the target is still Yes.

The technical part of the game related to battle mechanics is called deconstruction of the studio’s own style — all the tasks are kind of simple, but gradually the project starts To push the user to understand how things really work here. However, not everyone liked this simplicity:Not entirely a failure, but while the action in the time loop is exciting, most of it, unfortunately, squandered on simple tasks and a surprisingly discreet image of uncontrollable hedonism.

GamecentralIn addition, some authors point out that the best elements of the project are not hidden in part related to stealth shooter, and in multiplayer invasions. Some other reviewers encountered technical problems, but nothing critical was found.

In the most negative review of Gamers Heroes, the reviewer noted that he was not interested in concept of the project though noted that Dishonored fans will surely be pleased. DeathLoop is in a strange position.

It‘s not as good as Dishonored, but I’m not looking forward to a new installment in this series. Gamers Heroes, for the rest, the game gets mostly praise, whose authors disagree with the claims about Project captivation:A great time loop shooter where the best tricks and techniques of Dishonored have the opportunity to shine on.

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