Armed couple with letter for Biden arrested at White House

The American Secret Service, which deals with the security of politicians, arrested a man and a woman at the White House on Saturday, having admitted to being armed, American media report.

One of them would have indicated to a secret service agent that he wanted to meet American President Joe Biden โ€œto hand him a letter in person.โ€ Also, one of them would have indicated that they were carrying a weapon. On this the person was immediately apprehended.

The second person then indicated that there would be a second weapon in a nearby vehicle.

According to the secret service, both prior to, and during, the arrest, the two did not pose a direct danger to the staff of Biden.

The man has been charged with possessing a rifle. The 66-year-old woman in charge of possession of an unlicensed gun, an unregistered weapon, and unregistered ammunition. Secret Service confiscated the weapons.

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