Armed man tries to enter FBI office in Ohio

A man with an automatic weapon and a nail gun has tried to get into an FBI office in Cincinnati, Ohio State. Then the alarm in the office was triggered and the man fled. During the chase that led to Wilmington, 80 kilometers away, shots were changed. It is not yet clear if the man has been arrested.

Who he is and what his motive is is not yet clear. The attempt to enter the FBI building comes at a time when many threats are being made against the federal police service. On Monday, the FBI searched Donald Trump‘s Florida home for documents containing state-secret information that Trump allegedly took from the White House. Trump supporters see FBI investigation as politically motivated.

The judge who approved the search has received frequent threats. Trump supporters outside and inside politics have called for โ€œdestroyingโ€ the FBI and even starting a civil war. The US security services are therefore very alert to all threats surrounding individuals and institutions involved in the Trump investigation. The FBI has advised staff not to go near protesters and not to wear FBI passes visibly.

In connection with the chase, authorities closed the roads in a mile radius around the highway. Businesses and residents are advised to keep doors closed. It is unclear whether the threat is completely over. At a press conference, the police said that the man โ€œhas been locked in but is not yet in custodyโ€.

Search warrant

US Secretary of Justice Garland addressed the press a few hours after the incident. In addition, he did not specifically address the incident in Cincinnati. However, Garland said that he is very concerned that the integrity of the FBI is being questioned: โ€œUnder my leadership, the law is applied equally to everyone, without fear and without favor.โ€

Garland also did not address the substance of the FBI investigation into Trump. However, he said he personally approved that the FBI would ask a judge for permission to search Trump’s villa.

As far as the U.S. Department of Justice is concerned, the search warrant will be made public as soon as possible, due to โ€œthe great public interestโ€ involved. A judge has to decide on that, Trump can object to it.