Armie Hammer interrogated by police

Armie Hammer was interrogated by the Cayman Islands police for posting a spicy Instagram video, said Fox News. Over the past month, a video of Hammers hand appeared on social media, showing a scarcely dressed woman. Its called Miss Cayman by Hammer, but it doesnt seem to be her at all.

I would like to make it clear that the person in that video that was stolen from my Instagram is not Miss Cayman, Hammer told the news site Cayman Compass. I am sincerely sorry for the confusion that my stupid attempt at humour has caused.

According to the website, the police in the Cayman Islands have now completed the case.

Earlier this month, on social media, private messages came up from a man who claims to be the actor. The sender in it rather explicitly describes his sexual preferences to a woman. There are such things as rape and cannibalism.