Army Armenia demands departure government, Prime Minister dismisses army chief

Prime Minister Pasjinian of Armenia has fired the head of the armed forces. The reason for this is a statement in which the chief, on behalf of the entire army, denying confidence in the government.

The Armenian Prime Minister and the government are no longer able to make decisions in the interests of the population, stated in the statement of the army. โ€œThe ineffective conduct and blunders in foreign policy have put the country on the brink of collapse.โ€


The position of Pashinian has been under attack for a long time, mainly because of his handling of the recent war with Azerbaijan over the disputed area of Nagorno-Karabakh. In the agreement that ended that bloody conflict in November, Armenia gave up parts of the area to its archenemy.

Since then, Armenians have regularly taken the streets to demand the departure of the government. Over the past week, the number of demonstrators who were on their feet in the capital Yerevan grew to several tens of thousands.

‘This is a coup’

However, Pasjinian refuses to leave. Commenting on the statement of the army chief, he had a message to the people that could be followed directly on Facebook, announcing the dismissal of the senior military officer.

The Prime Minister said that he regards the military statement as a military coup and he called on his supporters to organise a massive statement of support in Yerevan. โ€œThe most important thing now is that we keep the power in the hands of the people.โ€