Arnhem amateurs at 14-1 score with six men left: goal score 16-159

For fourth grader Arnhemia, the 2021/2022 season is one to quickly forget. On Whit Monday, the last game of the season was played, but it had to be stopped at a score of 14-1 due to a shortage of players.
The Arnhem gate closer started the match with seven players against number three GSV 38. In the course of the match, another player joined, but Arnhemia ended up with six. “Too little to continue playing,” says trainer Rasid Günes in conversation with the Gelderlander. “We asked him to stay on the field so that the game could be finished, but it really didnt work out anymore.”
At that time it was already 14-1: even if this match is not included, Arnhemia will reach one point after 25 matches and a goal score of 16-159. “Hopefully it will remain here, and the season is finally over,” said the waving Günes, who saw one bright spot on Monday: Arnhemias only goal, provided by Cihat Özcelik. “Very nice. He shot a hit from the kick-off at once.”