ARPG Xuan-Yuan Sword VII to be released on consoles in summer

In autumn 2020, Softstar and Domo Studio released a role-playing action movie Xuan-Yuan Sword VII based on Chinese mythology on RS. And now the publishing house eastasiasoft has announced that the game will appear on PlayStation and Xbox consoles this summer. This is the first time a game in the Xuan-Yuan Sword series, popular in China, will be released in the West on consoles.

In addition to the digital release, the box edition is being prepared, for it is responsible for the company Maximum Games. The protagonist of Xuan-Yuan Sword VII – Taishi Zhao, a swordsman with a tragic fate.

His story is connected with a mystical bamboo scroll that promised prosperity, but brought only hunger and suffer. To find out why this disaster happened and to protect his family, the swordsman lets in dangerous journey into the mythological realm.

He is waiting for a lot of deadly enemies, but in the battles of Taishi Zhao will help Elysiums power. With the demo version of Xuan-Yuan Sword VII you can get acquainted on Steam.

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