Arrests and warning shot after false reporting hostage situation

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, the police were ripped out with bulletproof jackets after a report that two people were taken hostage under threat of a firearm in a building in Oosterhout. That report turned out to be false. Two persons have been arrested for making the false report and money laundering.

After the report of the hostage situation, the police had driven directly to the building on the Everdenberg in Oosterhout. When they got there, three cars arrived almost at the same time, and as a precaution, the police took a shot at the occupants of those vehicles. One person didnt want to get out of the car, and the police fired a warning shot.

After the situation outside was under control, the officers entered the premises. There they found several men who said the report of the hostage situation was a joke.

The police investigated the premises and found nitrous oxide and an amount of money.