Arrests at kick-off campaign right-wing populist Zemmour near Paris

In Paris, several thousand people have demonstrated where right-wing populist publicist ร‰ric Zemmour had wanted to hold his first campaign ally. The police therefore decided, for security reasons, to move that election meeting to the suburb of Villepinte, twenty kilometers away from Paris.

It was the official start of his campaign for Zemmour (63), who wants to participate in the French presidential elections next year.

According to the police, there were about 2000 people on their feet to demonstrate against Zemmours candidacy. Due to the violation of an area ban, nearly 50 of them were arrested. The demonstration in Paris was organized by a number of trade unions, left-wing parties and anti-racist action groups.

Theyre upset about Zemmours fierce anti-immigration and anti-Islam statements:

According to the organization, around 12,000 people arrived at the election meeting itself. Zemmour announced the name of his new party: Reconsurvey, or Recapture. He has repeatedly said that France should be โ€œrecaptureโ€ on the immigrants.

Earlier this week, the controversial publicist, who has been convicted twice for inciting racial hatred, officially put himself in office, proclaiming โ€œwanting to save Franceโ€. He said many voters no longer recognize their own countries.

The presidential elections will be held next April.