Arrests for bomb letters in German food industry

The German police have arrested a 66-year-old suspect in the case of bomb letters sent to German food companies. The defendant was taken into custody, the authorities of Heidelberg and the southern state of Baden-Wรผrttemberg announced on Saturday.

The man from the Ulm area was apprehended at home and did not resist. He wasnt known to the police. The defendant has not yet provided any information on the suspicion that he is the sender, according to the Justice Department.

Tuesday in Eppelheim, South Germany, a package exploded at a beverage manufacturer. On Wednesday, three employees of a LIDL office in Neckarsulm, also in southern Germany, were injured by an exploding bomb letter. They had to go to a hospital, but there was no danger of death. In a distribution centre near Munich airport, an explosive was found on Wednesday night and defused. The bomb letter was addressed to a Bavarian food company that evacuated a hundred employees.

The German judiciary has brought an investigative unit of more than a hundred detectives on the case. They consider it unlikely that the defendant has sent any more explosive mail items.