Arrests in 18-year-old murder case Run-DMC-dj Jam Master Jay

American authorities have arrested two men for the murder of Jam Master Jay, DJ of hip-hop formation Run-DMC. The then 37-year-old artist was shot dead by a masked man in a recording studio in New York in 2002.

Ambstantiaries involved in the murder investigation who wish to remain anonymous have told press agency AP that a press conference will be held on Monday to announce the arrests.

The New York Times writes that these are two men who have long been suspects in the case. At the time, they allegedly dealt drugs together, with Jam Master Jay taking care of the finances. Investigators think the three of them got into a fight about it.

50 Cent

According to the newspaper, detectives also looked extensively at another motive for the murder: the perpetrators were said to have swapped with rapper 50 Cent, a protรฉgรฉ of the dj. However, this theory turned out to be unfounded.

Run-DMC broke through in 1986 with the single Walk this way, in which Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith also participated:

The men arrested are acquaintances of justice. One of them is currently serving a prison sentence for robbery. The other was arrested on Sunday and convicted in the past of shooting a nephew of Jam Master Jay.

The DJ, whose official name was Jason Mizell, became known in the 1980s as the third member of Run-DMC alongside Joseph Simmons (Run) and Darryl McDaniels (DMC). He left behind a wife and three children.