Artist accuses of sexual abuse multiple women

At least twenty men and women accuse artist Julian Andeweg (34) of cross-border behaviour in NRC Handelsblad. The newspaper spoke to four women who reported to the police that they were victims of rape, domestic violence, harassment or stalking. The newspaper also includes nine accusations of sexual assault by the artist, whose work hangs in, among others, the Bonnefanten Museum of Maastrichtse. Others accuse him of theft.

One woman says she was beaten or kicked almost weekly for two years. Another says he pushed her against the wall in a dark room and grabbed her in her crotch.

Julian Frenky Andeweg (himself he writes his first name with two A‘s) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague in 2012. He successfully applied at a workplace at the prestigious Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. He received a nomination for the Royal Prize for Free Painting in 2018. At the opening event at the Palace op de Dam, he took a picture with the king.

The accusations against Andeweg span a period of at least fourteen years, from high school to an incident at an artist’s party in December last year. Not everyone wants to be mentioned by name in the NRC piece, and there are also people who were too afraid to work with. โ€œI‘m still afraid that every shadow will show up from it,โ€ the newspaper quotes an ex-girlfriend.

Those who do want to talk denounce the lax attitude of academies, galleries and other art institutions, where the stories about Andeweg were known but not performed. Also, the police, writes the newspaper, did not investigate until this summer.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirms to DeccEit that it has started an investigation into Andeweg. Andeweg itself has not yet been reached.