Artists Song Contest must stay in hotel

Participating artists in the Eurovision Song Contest will have to stay in their hotel this year. Only for official programme parts they may leave their hotel.

Artists are advised to quarantine for five days before departure to the Netherlands and must also be tested before departure. There will also be plenty of testing during the Song Contest. There will be a special test street set up for the event, where everyone working in Ahoy – crew, artists and press – will be tested regularly. People want to prevent infections.

This can be seen from the coronada book that the organization presented on Tuesday. This makes it a lot less cozy in Rotterdam than usual during the music event. In recent years, it has always been the case that a host city had many events during the Song Contest, including a large stage in the inner city where performances were performed by the participating countries.

The protocol of the Coronada Turning Book was drawn up on the basis of the measures of the RIVM and is inspired by similar regulations in the sports world. โ€œWith the help of extensive testing, mouthcaps, hygiene measures, attention to ventilation and innovative measures, an environment is created in which employees, artists and press can work as safely as possible,โ€ says executive producer Sietse Bakker.

Isolation protocol

โ€œIf someone is tested positive, our isolation protocol will come into operation, we support the GGD in source and contact research and we will take additional measures where necessary,โ€ says Bakker. If this means that a participant cannot act, the recordings that each country has to provide as a backup this year will be used.

The song festival organisation is still aiming at a one-and-a-half meter edition in which all participants from all 41 countries come to Rotterdam. โ€œTraditionally, the Eurovision Song Contest brings Europe together on one stage and we are still determined to do this in Rotterdam in May,โ€ said Martin ร–sterdahl, the Executive Supervisor of the festival from EBU. However, it is now clear that the country delegations are becoming considerably smaller than in previous editions and there are also many fewer journalists.

As far as the audience is concerned, no final decision has yet been taken. Its not yet ruled out.