Artwork Banksy raises 170,000 euros at auction Zwolle

An artwork by the British artist Banksy was auctioned on Thursday for 170,000 euros in Zwolle. The work was purchased by a Dutch collector during an auction of Hessinks auction house


the work Bird with Grenade from 2002. It comes from the private collection of Jamie Wood, son of Ron Wood, guitarist of the Rolling Stones.

Banksy himself did not certify the work. โ€œHe doesnt do that because he thinks his public work belongs on the streets and not in the art trade,โ€ says owner of Hessinks Richard Hessink. According to the auctioneer, if the artist were to consider the work as real, it would certainly be worth more than one million euros.

The auctioneer is happy with the sale. โ€œWe are glad that the work has remained in the Netherlands.โ€ It also feels like a victory for Hessink that he manages to โ€œmarket a Banksyโ€ from Zwolle, despite the competition from the big international auction houses. And that, according to him, the art scene is not really present in the Netherlands since Cobra.

During the auction, another work by Banksy was sold: a playful re-release of a Paris Hilton album, of which Banksy hid hundreds in record stores. The work changed its owner on Thursday for 3000 euros.

Banksys work usually generates large sums. In October, at Sothebys auction house, another work by the artist was sold for 8.5 million euros.